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Fragments of  a letter, of text messages and of Clementine Morrigan’s zine “Love Without Emergency”, video clips from a phone, names of the sounds are soundtracks created by writing.

Some of the content contains flashing lights.

Please use a browser to view the artwork. 


keep feeling like I'm going to pass out
00:00 / 01:23

(to exist

the presence feels like)

you felt


the risk

real villany lay in

have lost ”it”

Nothing special happened, but still I feel completely different

I think of the harsh tongue on the back of my palm

The twist and turns.

Do not ask me to calm down

But deep down, below the surface, is my want, my want to want, my want to act, my want to desire

And I

let it lead me

you could undress yourself

I remember

in the dark desert

I will destroy the house

lying on the same carpet

becomes a carnivorous plant


About when you put your eyes closed and can be anywhere

About having your eyes open and being able to be anywhere​

About being in many places at the same time

I want to be the last

all my life something to run into a burning house

whether the significance is significant

no more taste in the morning

I want to touch something rough with my tongue.

I try to talk without breathing

I try to breathe without talking

Some part of ”it” stayed wild.

Knows about excitement







00:00 / 00:51

(Hello /her name/. To exist.

Things, wich are not

I’m writing now


the way you keep loosing

pouring gasoline on a fire

spill over and explode

terrified of my

which has never happened

There are things for which no words have been invented

Hands somewhere.


Short-tempered nature.

Then it finally got. End helpless. Not my home.

Forced to somehow stop.

Something kind of festive. Liked everything as suddenly as possible.

I am afraid, yes
00:00 / 01:12

Inside my head, everything ends in some kind of catastrophe.

You don't really know what it means in the end.

Probably nothing.

it feelks like you don’t

is this really a tragedy here? clue becomes ordinary

It's magic.

Feels like I wanna die

Even though nothing happened

everything I desire

I am in love


Too many emotions

I am on fire (baby yeah)

how long does eternity last?

I am afraid, yes

I lost ”it” to the deep wild part of myself

"it", going crazy because of

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